You Can’t Take It With You

  • By George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart

Essie Carmichael

Geva Theatre Center

Granddaughter Essie... makes candy to sell and loves her decent but not very bright husband, but mainly she dances. A few steps across a room are never anything less than a series of sweetly absurd entrechats, arabesques, spins, and bends. Melissa Rain Anderson is lovable and graceful and enchantingly funny.

Michael Lasser
Rochester City Newspaper

Clearly, Anderson’s Essie has us at hello; you can’t miss the malfunctioning ballerina with the outdated Shirley Temple curls who pirouettes into every scene.

Marcia Morphy
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

  • Directed by Mark Cuddy
  • Scenic Design by William Clarke
  • Costume Design by Pamela Scofield
  • Lighting Design by Ann Wrightson
  • Photos by Ken Huth

Cast: Melissa Rain Anderson, Davida Bloom, Chester Brassie, Norah Cole, Peggy Cosgrave, Zach Darling, Loren Dunn, Nils Emerson, Skip Greer, Patricia Hodges, Brigett Markusfeld, Jim Poulos, Robert Rutland, Ray Salah, Kim Sullivan, Dick St. George, Nicole Rodenburg, Robert Vauhn