The Play That Goes Wrong

  • Written by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields

The Play That Goes Wrong

Repertory Theatre of St. Louis

2020 St. Louis Theatre Circle Award Nominations:
Outstanding Director of a Comedy
Outstanding Production of a Comedy
Outstanding Ensemble in a Comedy
Outstanding Set Design in a Play
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy
—St. Louis Theatre Circle

Rep's 'Play That Goes Wrong' is drop-dead hilarious: Directed by Melissa Rain Anderson ...the show has the mojo of "Saturday Night Live" at its best, combining wit and pratfalls with pinpoint timing ... a spoof of stage whodunits in the Agatha Christie mode (think "The Mousetrap"). But if you're completely unfamiliar with Christie's work, don't worry — you'll laugh anyway. Loudly, repeatedly and helplessly.

Calvin Wilson
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

...directed by Melissa Rain Anderson...Repertory St. Louis is the first U.S. theatre to self-produce this show outside of New York City, and the only theatre being allowed to self-produce the play while it makes its national tour. It is also the final show of The Rep's 52nd season, and the last show under Steven Woolf's 32-year leadership as Artistic Director.

Tanya Seale
Broadway World

The Rep could change their branding line to ‘Live theater so funny you can feel it.’ ...the laugh-out-loud lunacy and non-stop comedy will send you home with a smile on your face.

Harry Hamm

The expression “hilarity ensues” easily comes to mind when thinking of the Rep’s latest production, The Play That Goes Wrong. ...a wild and wacky show, even if it’s not really about anything other than generating as many laughs as possible, and the Rep’s version boasts an energetic, comedically gifted cast. ...In a show like this in which everything is so chaotic, precision in the staging is essential, and director Melissa Rain Anderson has impressively managed to order the mayhem with energy and style.

Michelle Kenyon
Snoops Theatre Thoughts

Come Prepared to Laugh at ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ at The Rep. ...I don’t want to give away much of the plot or any of the surprises, but what I can say is that everything you could expect to go wrong does. And I’ve never laughed so much without a break at anything....Believe me when I say that this is one of the funniest shows you will ever see. The multiple layers make the show fascinating from beginning to end, and everyone involved is giving it their all. There’s nothing else quite like The Play That Goes Wrong – and watching a disaster unfold never felt so right.

Kevin Brackett
Review St. Louis

The Rep Earns $1.5 Million In Single Ticket Revenue From Its Latest Season
"We saw tremendous enthusiasm from our single ticket buyers this season," said Mark Bernstein, The Rep's managing director.
Three blockbuster productions on the Mainstage helped lead the way, with Evita, A Christmas Story and The Play That Goes Wrong all entering The Rep's top 10 highest-grossing Mainstage productions of all time.

News Desk
Broadway World

  • Set Design: Peter & Margery Spack
  • Light Design: Kirk Bookman
  • Costume Design: Lauren Roark
  • Sound Design: Rusty Wandall
  • Photos By Jon Gitchoff

Cast: Ka-Ling Cheung, Benjamin Curns, Ryan George, Michael Keyloun, Matthew McGloin, Ruth Pferdehirt, John Rapson, Evan Zes