Working one on one is my favorite kind of work.

I am an audition and acting coach specializing in personalizing your sides, book, and monologues. I’m a big believer in walking into the audition room with something great to offer. My coaching style unlocks what makes you special, taps into your uniqueness. I strive to find what is blocking you and your choices to thrive and hope to discover a genuine humanness in your material. ~ MRA

Let’s Get to Work!

Kara Lindsay
Kara Lindsay Broadway: Newsies, Wicked, Beautiful
Melissa brings such a positive and energetic approach to her work that makes it so exciting, as an actor, because she creates an environment in which anything is possible and fears don’t exist. She has a wealth of knowledge and skill to help you navigate a scene, song, monologue, etc. After my coaching with her I felt confident, invigorated, and excited to go into the audition. She is brilliant!
Caitlin Kinnunen
Caitlin Kinnunen Broadway: The Prom, Bridges of Madison County, Spring Awakening
Melissa is hands-down amazing and my go-to coach of choice. I’ve worked with her on SO many successful auditions ranging from film and television to important out-of-town shows and a national tour, even Broadway! She has helped me develop my craft as a well-rounded performer, and I’d gladly recommend her for anyone of any age! Even when I’m not focusing on an important audition, I’d choose to keep working with her to keep fine-tuning my skills. I’ve worked with her on acting, acting in song, dialect, movement, and overall musical theatre coaching.
Paul Ianniello
Paul Ianniello Elf (MSG)
Melissa is a true collaborator. Everytime I have a coaching with her I leave inspired. She has a way of interpreting material to keep it fresh and relevant. The atmosphere she provides during her coachings is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before; it’s all about the work and figuring out every nuance so that you leave KNOWING the material inside and out. If finding your truth, keeping to your authentic self, and having a one up on your other auditioners is what you are looking for – then Melissa is the secret weapon you need!

Rachael Logue
Rachael Logue Actor, Director, Producer - NYC/Houston
Every time I coach with Melissa I wonder why I didn’t see her sooner. She’s the difference between a good audition and a great one. I wouldn’t go into an important call without her coaching. She maximizes my preparedness and minimizes my nerves in the room. She’ll give you that little something extra you’ve been missing and take you to the next level.

Audra Cramer
Audra Cramer Actor, Musical Director, Coach, NYC
Melissa has always had the ability to bring out in my material what I would never be able to discover on my own. I’ve sat in as pianist on coachings with Melissa and believe this is true for everyone she works with. Her attention to detail and great understanding of telling a story through song is the number one reason I call her, or recommend someone, for a coaching whenever prep for an audition or callback is needed.

Mikki Sodergren
Mikki Sodergren Singer, Actor, NYC
Melissa possesses a unique enthusiasm for helping actors. Whether you meet with her to strengthen your natural abilities, polish monologues or scenes, prepare for an upcoming audition or simply to converse about the business, Melissa is knowledgable, easygoing and jovial. It is rare to find a coach that is so completely on your side, and that is a great gift of Melissa’s. She makes you feel confident on your materials due to her effervescence and naturally sparkling personalty. She also knows the best people are to work with for any specialized field you may need help with, and happily recommends them to you, and vice versa. Melissa has been a life-saver for me many times, and I am so glad to feel that she is a part of my “team”.
Jessica Ann Best
Jessica Ann Best Singer, Actor, NYC
Melissa creates such an inviting and safe atmosphere to work in! I always feel free to make vulnerable  acting choices when I’m in a coaching with her and am enabled to try something that might push me in a direction I hadn’t thought of. Melissa  always brings a new perspective to my pieces and I feel lifted when I leave.  I frequently use her techniques when I’m performing and teaching. After working with Melissa, I feel equipped with all the tools I need to be confident and prepared for my upcoming projects. She is an incredible source of knowledge and support!